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Just Ad Sugar is a full service marketing and advertising agency with the sole purpose of sweetening your client relationships, finding you new clients and improving your sales.

Marketing is crucial to the success of a business. Without marketing, it doesn't matter whether your business offers the best products and services, as consumers will not be aware of them. 

To have a general understand of marketing is easy but to maximise your campaigns you will need specialists that have a diverse range of competencies in the wide ranging landscape of the marketing world. 


Being able to target and relate to different segments of clients from the young digital online users, to the older magazine readers, requires experts that can tap into the trends of each generation.


Brand & Creativity


  • Brand Development

  • Corporate Literature

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Copywriting

  • Blogging

  • Campaigns and Strategy

  • Campaign Analysis

We can define your brand image and create a brand strategy to set you apart from the competition. From your logo, strap lines and corporate colour palette we can create the templates you will need on a day to day basis. Your business cards, brochures, adverts and marketing materials will ensure a consistent brand message.


  • Magazines

  • Newspapers 

  • Radio scripts

  • Billboards

The world has gone viral

We live in a world shaped by technology, with smartphones, social media and a ‘selfie’ culture, meaning most people’s day-to-day activities are documented online. 

The days of sourcing companies and products from the Yellow Pages has been replaced with ‘Googling’ meaning every company from around the world is now your competition and merely a click away. 

Understanding the subtle persuasion of social media, the complexities of the ever changing rules of google and the remarketing tools, needs to be blend seamlessly into your over all Marketing Strategy.

Online Marketing & Social Media


  • Web Design and Development

  • Monitoring Google Analytics

  • Social Media Management & Advertising

  • Assisting with SEO 

  • Email Marketing

  • Mobile Apps

  • Google + Remarketing 

  • Creating landing pages 

  • Creating blogger relationships

Be a step ahead of the competition by ensuring your website is advertised before theirs. Whether your aim is to generate leads or build awareness of your brand we can create landing pages to help reach your target market. With a simple pay per click strategy, our Google expert will work with you to create keywords to capture client data from their first online search.

Events & Press

  • Event ideas

  • Event coordination & execution

  • Press releases

  • Press Management at events

  • Photography

  • Videography



2.46 billion


Almost half of the world's population, about 3.2 billion people, are using the internet


1.17 Billion People Use Google Search


Number of social network users worldwide 


70 percent year-on-year increase versus June 2016 reflects the increasing variety of activities that we perform on our smartphones. 

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